Soymilk machine breathable protection

Domestic appliance protection
If small appliances need to be in contact with water during use or during cleaning

Soymilk protection application matching

If small appliances need to be in contact with water during use or during cleaning, they must be completely sealed. At the same time, it is necessary to release the heat generated by the motor to ensure the reliability of small appliances when they are running.

Small household appliances generally refer to household appliances other than high-power output electrical appliances. - These small household appliances all occupy relatively small power resources, or the body size is relatively small. Many small appliances require a motor, which generates heat when the motor is running.



Soymilk machine problems

1. The gas-liquid accumulation in the cavity cannot be discharged well;

2. The cavity pressure rises during work;

3. The liquid substance in the cavity expands and overflows as the air pressure increases;

4. It is easy to cause burns to users.


Ruinuo waterproof and breathable solution to the problem:

1. Waterproof and dustproof, avoiding liquids and particles from entering the cavity and protecting components;

2. breathing and breathing, quickly balance the internal and external stress of the shell, reduce the pressure on the sealing strip;

3. Keep the cavity dry to avoid condensation and condensation;

4. excellent waterproof, protection grade IP67 or above;

5. ventilation and heat dissipation to prevent water absorption;


Ruinuo protective ventilation products are widely used in various industries: automotive electronics series and power systems, new energy vehicle batteries/motors, LED, outdoor communication, consumer electronics, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor military series, chemical packaging and transportation, instrumentation Instruments, engineering machinery, microfiltration and other fields.


Ruinuo protective ventilation components have won the trust of many domestic and foreign manufacturers, and provide the best product configuration solution at any time to meet customer needs.