Motor protection for new energy vehicles

New energy vehicle
In the transformation process of new energy motor, strong heat energy, electromagnetic and stress will be generated in the motor cavity. When the load is too high, it will become slow or even paralyzed.

New energy vehicle power motor system protection application matching



New energy vehicle power motor system protection requirements

In the process of new energy motor conversion, strong heat, electromagnetic and stress will be generated in the motor cavity, and when the load is too high, it will become sluggish or even paralyzed. Especially in humid, dusty and oily environments, the damage will be faster.

The new energy motor motor will produce strong heat energy in the cavity during the work, if the power motor suddenly wades in the water at that time, it will lead to an imbalance between the internal and external pressure, causing the power motor to absorb water, which greatly damages the power motor.



Ruinuo applies electric drives for new energy vehicles

Waterproof and oilproof, pressure balanced, high temperature resistance, reduced condensation


●Waterproof and moisture-proof, to avoid short circuit of the internal components of the cavity;

●Effectively block dust particles and avoid bearing wear;

●Keep the cavity dry to avoid the motor being corroded and oxidized, causing poor contact or leakage;

●Exhaust heat dissipation, replacing the heat sink or providing heat dissipation channel and conduction medium for the heat sink;

●Continuous ventilation, balance the internal stress of the cavity, and ensure dynamic stability;

●Oil discharge and anti-fouling, to avoid the internal parts due to resistance changes affecting the dynamic stability.



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