Automotive ECU control unit

Car protection
The automotive ECU is the automotive electronics hub control center

Automotive ECU control unit protection application matching

The automotive ECU is the automotive electronics hub control center, with reliable protection of built-in electronic components, which is related to the reliability and durability of the entire application.



Automotive ECU control unit protection requirements

1. ECU connector seal combined with the environment to quickly reduce the degree of protection under pressure;

2. Under the extreme temperature change, the stress balance in the ECU cavity is destroyed, the airtightness of the shell is reduced, leakage or dust accumulation occurs, and the internal sensitive components fail;

3, ECU car environment exposed to the harsh, increased and installed in the aircraft (limited space location);

4, as a design of the overall sealing components, complex functions, high costs caused by materials and maintenance;


Ruinuo effectively solves the problems of the car ECU control unit:

1. Waterproof and dustproof to avoid oxidation of ECU unit;

2, high-efficiency barrier, to avoid dust, other pollutants blocking the cavity or covering components;

3, high-pass ventilation, balance stress, reduce transmission error and control sensitivity;

4, air cold cut heat, replace or assist the heat sink to reduce the temperature inside the ECU cavity;


Ruinuo protective ventilation products are widely used in various industries: automotive electronics series and power systems, new energy vehicle batteries/motors, LED, outdoor communication, consumer electronics, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor military series, chemical packaging and transportation, instrumentation Instruments, engineering machinery, microfiltration and other fields.


Ruinuo protective ventilation components have won the trust of many domestic and foreign manufacturers, and provide the best product configuration solution at any time to meet customer needs.