Photovoltaic silicon junction box protection

Photovoltaic solar protection
The photovoltaic junction box is a connector between the solar cell array composed of solar cell modules and the solar charging control device.

PV crystalline silicon junction box protection application matching

A photovoltaic junction box is a connector between a solar cell array composed of solar modules and a solar charging control device.



Junction box protection needs

It can meet the long-term use requirements under outdoor harsh environmental conditions;

Excellent waterproof, dustproof and sealing effect;

The connector is sealed and quickly reduces the protection level under pressure in combination with the environment;

Under the change of extreme temperature, the stress balance in the cavity is destroyed, the pressure and airtightness of the shell are reduced, leakage or dust accumulation occurs, and the internal sensitive components fail;

As a design response to the overall sealing component, the function is complex, and the high cost of materials and maintenance is caused;


Renault Technology effectively solves the problems existing in junction boxes:

1. Waterproof and dustproof to avoid oxidation of internal components;

2. Efficient barrier to avoid dust and other pollutants blocking the cavity or covering components;

3. High ventilation, balance stress, reduce transmission error and control sensitivity;

4. Air cold cutting and heat dissipation, replacing or assisting the heat sink to reduce the temperature inside the cavity;


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