Small LED lamp protection

Outdoor LED lamps
LEDT tube, LED lights and other small LED lamps faced with problems: long-term dust backlog, affecting performance; Rainwater, fog, dust particles and other infiltration, accelerate the aging of parts;

LED T-tube, automotive LED lights and other lamps



Problems faced by small LED lamps such as LED tubes and LED lights:

1. Long-term dust backlog affects performance;

2. Rain, mist, dust particles, etc. infiltrate to accelerate the aging of parts;

3. Reduce the protection level and increase the maintenance and repair cost.


Solutions from Renault Ruinuo:

1. Waterproof and dustproof, avoid internal pollution, protect parts;

2. Water precipitation is permeable and moisture-permeable, keeping the cavity dry, avoiding condensation and condensation, which affects the light efficiency;

3. Porous structure, fast balance pressure, effectively reduce salt crystal generation;

4. Maintain the factory protection level, extend the service life and improve the quality.


Ruinuo protective and breathable products are widely used in various industries: automotive electronics series and power systems, new energy vehicle batteries/motors, LEDs, outdoor communications, consumer electronics and appliances, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor military series, chemical packaging and transportation, instrumentation, engineering machinery, microfiltration and other fields.


Ruinuo's protective vent components have successfully won the trust of many domestic and foreign manufacturers, and provide the best product configuration solutions at any time to meet customer needs.