Electrochemical sensor protection

Sensor precision instrument protection
Temperature changes, dust, dirt and moisture can have a significant impact on the electronic components of the sensor.

Sensor protection application matching

Temperature changes, dust, dirt, and moisture can have a significant impact on the sensor's electronics. For example, the cleaning process can cause a significant drop in the temperature of the electronics housing. A sharp drop in temperature can result in a vacuum of 200 mbar (3 psi) or more inside the housing



Sensor device protection needs

Among gas sensors and electrochemical sensors, Renault Ruinuo waterproof and dustproof vents prevent dust, dirt or liquids from ingressing the sensor head. At the same time, a microporous polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane allows gas to pass immediately through the film, ensuring a constant sensor response and preventing errors and delays in measurement results. Therefore, the use of waterproof, dustproof and breathable products means that offshore electronics will be better protected, more reliable and have a longer life.


Renault Ruinuo effectively solves existing problems:

1. Protect the sensor from pollutants, water, salt and other corrosive liquids to ensure accurate measurement and stable performance;

2. Reduce the stress of the housing seal by quickly realizing the pressure balance inside and outside the sensor housing;

3. Quickly restore ventilation after contact with liquid;

4. Microporous membrane structure provides excellent air permeability;

5. Easy installation, which brings great convenience to design and production;


Typical applications

Harmful gas sensors, odor sensors, oxygen sensors, liquid level sensors, pressure sensors, electrochemical sensors, gas detectors/monitors, humidity/temperature sensors, gas detection/monitors


Ruinuo protective and breathable products are widely used in various industries: automotive electronics series and power systems, new energy vehicle batteries/motors, LEDs, outdoor communications, consumer electronics and appliances, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor military series, chemical packaging and transportation, instrumentation, engineering machinery, microfiltration and other fields.



Ruinuo's protective vent components have successfully won the trust of many domestic and foreign manufacturers, and provide the best product configuration solutions at any time to meet customer needs.