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Portable electronic protection
High-definition speech recognition capabilities are increasingly important as they become more common in mobile devices, and consumers have long expected their devices to be close to being completely waterproof.

Waterproof sports electronics protection application matching

As voice recognition in mobile electronics becomes more common, high-definition voice recognition capabilities become more important, and consumers expect their mobile devices to be close to being fully waterproof, more and more electronic products will require high-fidelity voice and high-quality waterproof and dustproof and breathable solutions, and Renault products meet these needs.



Renault Ruinuo effectively solves existing problems:

Renault Ruinuo waterproof, dustproof and breathable products are installed on the device port and provide pressure drain and balancing when the equipment comes into contact with dust, splashes and temporary immersion in water.

Waterproof, dustproof and breathable products provide a dust and splash barrier to audio equipment without significant degradation in sound transmission, integrity or quality.

In addition, breathable products protect against the ingress of various everyday liquids, such as carbonated beverages and coffee. Our waterproof, dustproof, breathable products maintain sound quality while providing an aesthetically pleasing cover that creates a waterproof barrier against these elements.


Unique advantages of Renault Ruinuo waterproof and breathable membranes:

1. Use sound-transparent materials to minimize the sound loss during sound transmission;

2. Provide a strong waterproof and dustproof barrier for indoor and outdoor sound equipment;

3. Quickly restore ventilation after contact with liquid;

4. Highly viscous adhesive, can be applied in harsh environments, and can firmly adhere to the surface of various products;

5. Both standard size and customized products;

6. Thin and lightweight, it is the most ideal ventilation solution for equipment placed in limited space;

7. Easy installation, can be installed manually or automatically;

8. When the equipment is in contact with dust, splashed with liquid or immersed in liquid, the protection level can reach up to IP68.


Ruinuo protective and breathable products are widely used in various industries: automotive electronics series and power systems, new energy vehicle batteries/motors, LEDs, outdoor communications, consumer electronics and appliances, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor military series, chemical packaging and transportation, instrumentation, engineering machinery, microfiltration and other fields.


Ruinuo's protective vent components have successfully won the trust of many domestic and foreign manufacturers, and provide the best product configuration solutions at any time to meet customer needs.