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【Renault Ruinuo cooperates with leading communication server companies】



Reno Ruinuo has been providing leading solutions for customers in the communication industry, Renault Ruinuo's new M24 series waterproof and breathable products protect communication cabinets, meet the high air permeable flow needs of communication cabinet equipment, and are the preferred choice for high-end communication cabinet equipment.


【Long-term cooperative relationship with international LED photovoltaic lighting enterprises】


Renault Ruinuo LED respirators are widely used in the field of LED/HID lamps, balance the internal and external stress of lamps, eliminate the fog in lamps, maintain the factory protection level of lamps, avoid water absorption, improve the quality of lamps and extend the service life of lamps, product models use different types of LED respirators for different lamps, from high power to low power, from installation methods to different protection levels.


【I wish our PACK explosion-proof valve cooperation with well-known automobile battery manufacturers】



I wish our PACK explosion-proof valve to cooperate with well-known automotive battery manufacturers, Renault Technology Ruinuo for military and civilian new energy battery packs/battery boxes and other non-vacuum sealed cavities, comprehensive cavity strength and contents.