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[Ruinuo introduces five low-loss waterproof breathable membranes]

Ruinuo cooperates with a well-known mobile phone manufacturer to develop the M013 model waterproof and breathable film. The sound frequency band 500Hz~6000Hz sound loss is less than 1.5db.


[Ruinuo officially launched lean production CELL line]

Reno Ruinuo officially launched the lean production CELL line, meeting the production needs of Reno Technology waterproof and breathable products.

Lean production is a change through system structure, personnel organization, operation mode and market supply and demand, so that the production system can adapt to the changing needs of users quickly, and all the useless and redundant things in the production process can be streamlined and finally included. A production management method with the best results in all aspects of production, including market supply and marketing. Different from traditional large-scale production methods, its characteristics are “multi-variety” and “small batch”.


[Ruinuo introduces tubular waterproof and breathable products for automotive engines]

Ruinuo uses 100% expanded polytetrafluoroethylene as raw material. It has been designed, tested and verified. Reno Technology's tubular waterproof and breathable products can react quickly and provide reliable protection at temperatures above 260℃ and various harsh working environments.


[Ruinuo waterproof and breathable component products are formulated by well-known listed companies]

Congratulations on the successful integration of our waterproof and breathable components into a listed company to develop procurement products.